Jasmine Reid

A good friend and rising poet, Jasmine Reid, came to me for a website to promote her work and herself. I realized that Jasmine would need a Content Management System, and took on the project using WordPress. The finished product is a fully responsive website created through Wordpress, featuring an archive of poems, appearances, homepage feeds, and a contact form.

UX Design

Jasmine Reid website sitemap
The sitemap for Jasmine's site.

After consulting Jasmine on the website’s goals and doing some competitive research of other creatives' websites, I finalized a sitemap and a list of features. I then put together a some wireframes for a single-page site with some secondary pages. As Jasmine wanted to promote her work by having a single place on the site that would house her poetry, and also her appearances and readings, I designed the wireframes with homepage feeds. Jasmine also wanted people to get in touch with her easily, so I made sure to include a contact form.

Jasmine Reid's desktop homepage wireframe
The desktop wireframe for the homepage.
Jasmine Reid's mobile homepage wireframe
The mobile wireframe for the homepage.

Visual Identity and Design

After consulting with Jasmine about her personality and identity as a poet, I produced a visual identity through a few iterations. In addition to the font and color scheme, I created a vector illustration of a sunflower as the favicon as well as thumbnails for the poems.

Jasmine Reid style guide
The style guide for Jasmine Reid
Jasmine Reid poem thumbnails
The thumbnails for all potential poems.

Once the visual identity and style guide were approved, I worked on incorporating the colors, type, and style with the wireframes to create the visual designs of the site.

Jasmine Reid website visual design desktop version
The visual design for the desktop version of Jasmine's site.
Jasmine Reid website visual design for mobile
The visual design for the mobile version of Jasmine's site.

Using Wordpress & Final Touches

With the visual designs ready, I got working in WordPress. I bought the Uncode theme, and proceeded to manipulate it using custom CSS and WordPress plugins to match the site to the visual designs as closely as possible. I created custom post types for Poems and Appearances, so that Jasmine can easily upload any upcoming appearances or new poems.

Usability demo on an iPad Pro of Jasmine's site.

In order to set up the live site, I had to learn some IT skills to host the site through Google Cloud Bitnami. After helping Jasmine decide on a punny and clear domain name of "reidjasmine.com", I set up the hosting service and an SSL certificate to create a secure HTTPS site (relying on the documentation provided by Google Bitnami).

Click here to check out the site.


So Yeon "Soy" Jeong is an interaction designer interested in data visualization, seeking opportunity to make complex data digestible, interesting and beautiful. Since receiving a B.A. in International Relations from Wellesley College, she has worked in branding and interaction design. She was awarded certificates in computer and multimedia graphics, web design and development, and game design from Pratt Institute, and completed courses at SVA for interaction design and Metis for JavaScript data visualization.

Expert: Sketch, Illustrator, CSS and HTML, InDesign, English, Spanish, Korean.
Advanced: D3.js, Photoshop, After Effects.
Proficient: JavaScript, Unity and C#, R, GitHub.

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