Tech Solidarity

As part of SVA IxD summer intensive course, a partner and I were tasked with redesigning the onboarding process for the grass-roots, activist organization, Tech Solidarity. Tech Solidarity hopes to organize within the tech community for social action. The current website is essentially simply a list of events with a cryptic description of the organization and a phone number to message.

UX Design & User Testing

In order to get a first round of user testing for our copy and interaction designs, we used a paper prototype, which were not only quick, but also helped comunicate that the user tests were not about visual design. We based these paper prototypes on a rough draft sitemap. Using the results from the user interviews, we created wireframes with copy that clearly articulated the mission of the organization and that featured the onboarding possibilities on the homepage in an organized way. This meant we also had to research the organization and write engaging and concise copy.

Tech Solidarity sitemap
The initial sitemap for the site redesign.
Tech Solidarity paper prototypes
The paper prototypes we created for the first round of user testing.
Tech Solidarity desktop wireframe
The homepage desktop wireframe.

Visual Design

Because of privacy concerns, deciding on imagery was difficult. Tech Solidarity wants to protect the identities of their members. Therefore, photographs of faces wouldn’t work, and blurring images or faces gave the site an ominous or cold feeling. We decided on illustrations, and I found illustrations from artists at Just Seeds, an activist art collective. The imagery was therefore powerful, vibrant, and relevant. We also redesigned the logo to spell out "Tech Solidarity" in a more readable fashion.

Tech Solidarity homepage
The final homepage design for desktop.
Tech Solidarity homepage
The final homepage design for mobile.
Tech Solidarity redesigned logo
The redesigned logo.

The user testing feedback from the wireframes was that the site was not engaging enough. So we reorganized the content into dynamic blocks and added vibrant illustrations. Check out the mobile prototype here and the desktop prototype here or below.

Desktop prototype.
Mobile prototype.

The redesign emphasizes the human component of the activist work that Tech Solidarity does in order to garner more engagement. Powerful illustrations from the activist arts organization, Just Seeds cover the landing page. In addition, clear copy explains to users what the organization exactly does. Once people are intrigued and informed, the user experience allows them to easily learn more and become involved within the organization by looking into their events, finding a chapter near them, or signing up for an email newsletter. We prioritized these engagement methods in the solution design.


So Yeon "Soy" Jeong is an interaction designer interested in data visualization, seeking opportunity to make complex data digestible, interesting and beautiful. Since receiving a B.A. in International Relations from Wellesley College, she has worked in branding and interaction design. She was awarded certificates in computer and multimedia graphics, web design and development, and game design from Pratt Institute, and completed courses at SVA for interaction design and Metis for JavaScript data visualization.

Expert: Sketch, Illustrator, CSS and HTML, InDesign, English, Spanish, Korean.
Advanced: D3.js, Photoshop, After Effects.
Proficient: JavaScript, Unity and C#, R, GitHub.

Email So Yeon at sjeong18 [AT] gmail [DOT] com.